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How Can I Download Whatsapp Plus

How Can I Download Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp is a wonderful social media app that connects millions of people around the world. There is no better social media app than Whatsapp that fatly connects people and easy to use. But with time, there are many other apps with Whatsapp introduced in the market, which work the same as Whatsapp, but some extended features.

Whatsapp plus is one of these apps as it is not an official version, so you cannot download it from the Google Play store. If you search for methods to download Whatsapp Plus, then read the below content and know about it.

What are the best features of Whatsapp Plus?

What are the best features of Whatsapp Plus
  • Provides your cleaner features
  • You can download various wallpapers.
  • It provides you customized screen for conversation.
  • Makes you able to send an audio file up to 100 MB
  • You can share Video file Up to 50 MB
  • It makes you able to share a status Video from 30 seconds to 7 minutes.

How can you download and install Whatsapp Plus?

How can you download and install Whatsapp Plus
  • First, for downloading in your Phone, visit the Phone’s settings menu and then enable the option for unknown source applications.
  • After changing your phone settings, now download the Whatsapp plus from any trusted sources; you can also download it free from our website.
  • When you tap on the button for download, it will start downloading on your Phone and wait until the download’s completion. After completing the downloading process, now go to the android system notification menu or in the phone download directory to find the Whatsapp Plus downloaded file.
  • Then click on the file, you will see the install option click on the install. Wait till the app’s installation; now, you will be able to open the app by clicking on the app.
  • When you push the App folder, it will ask you to access Whatsapp plus your media contents; simply click on it to further process.
  • After that, you will see the app screen; here, a popup message will show “agree and continue” push it for further process.
  • You will see the option for asking you about your phone number, select your country code and then add your phone number. But here, you make sure you have selected the right country code and correct phone number; otherwise, you cannot activate your Whatsapp plus.
  • After confirming your phone number, press the OK button, you will get a code in your phone number, which you need to enter in the next step. It takes automatically in some android phones, but if not, you can enter the code manually.
  • After entering the code, you make your profile settings such asset your profile picture, name, and necessary details like your address, status etc.
  • Now you can use it for messages, audio and video calls and anything you want, with some extended features than Whatsapp’s official version.

Final Thoughts:

Whatsapp is one of the popular social media apps, but some limitations are such as the files’ size etc. Now Whatsapp plus resolve your problems, and you can get extended features of Whatsapp in Whatsapp plus. It is a free version, but it is not the official version to not download it from the Google Play store. For downloading, follow the above simple steps and enjoy the extended features of Whatsapp plus now on your Phone.

How to Change CCTV Camera Password

How to Change CCTV Camera Password?

In recent days, CCTV cameras are trendier for the perfect way of security reasons. The precaution is better more for homes and working places. Hence the usage of security cameras is increasing day by day. Likewise, CCTV cameras are the best part of moving towards safety lifestyle. The house which is using this kind of camera is securely protected. The wide range of disturbances are avoided by using security cameras. The famous CCTV cameras are installed and configured initially with a very good process. Nowadays smart home security devices are becoming famous. So, the popular surveillance cameras are used in many places. It can be found in homes or public places. The best use of these cameras using widely by most people in the world. In every camera, then after installation, the user needs to do some modification according to the security precaution. Hence the user feels to change the password of the CCTV camera device. If the user needs to change the password for the security camera, then the user will read this article completely. After that continue the following process make sure to change the security password.

How to prevent unwanted access to the CCTV camera?

How to prevent unwanted access to the CCTV camera

Mostly camera password is changed due to cyber security. If the configuration is not properly followed, then there is a need to change or reset the password. It is the most important way of maintaining security as well as it will improve safety standards. Then the surveillance camera password charging is a simplified process. According to the web interface, the initial process is to log in with the appropriate admin user name in the tools option which is in the user management panel. After that, enter the new password twice which is case sensitive. Here was can enter the alphanumeric with the 12 characters. Make sure to enter twice the new password. Then click on the save option. After the process of password changing, the login page will appear further. Then you can see the message of User modified successfully, after login to the new password. The complete information of password changing via web interface in CCTV camera is well explained.

The camera settings change with the app:

Their intelligent security devices are managed and controlled by the smart phones, tablets. Whereas the controlling needs some declaration for enduring the information security. So, the CCTV camera password charging process takes some additional verification through the app. Street changing the password from the web interface, there is another requirement to complete its successful process. Then open the app of security camera. Then the user needs to update the modified password option. In the edit camera tab, there you can find the new password option. After finding that option, enter the modified password of the camera. Finally, click on the ok button and you can complete the password updating process via app. These are the basic steps to change the security camera password changing method. Hopefully, it is matched according to your search for surveillance cameras password changing.

How to set up a web hosting server on Windows

How You can Set up a Web Hosting Server on Windows?

Web hosting service gives access to people or companies to make the website accessible via the World Wide Web. A web host service is a service that a website needs to operate around the world. If you are planning to start a website you need to invest in the domain name or web hosting. Actually, it depends on the hosting needs for the cost you have to hand over $10,000 for the dedicated server.

In order to develop a new website home, hosting the outside on the local machine is the best option. When you host the website yourself then you have to face numerous disadvantages.

It’s very interesting to host a website on your PC. It’s recommended hundred only opt for the local development server. A server is a necessity of consideration for the hosting of a website on the Windows operating system.

What is a server

What is a server?

The server is set up the connection to Windows for different platforms. There are three different kinds of applications simultaneously use. All these services are available here for the convenient use or hello to install or download all the packages necessary for the hosting web content.


It shows that all the applications are compatible with Window device. In addition, other platforms such as Linux or numerous others are also usable.

Install the Wamp software

How to set up a web hosting server on Windows? There is a need to visit the best server website or you have to download the latest version. Actually, it’s depending on the operating system but you have to choose 32 or 64 bit. The package comes with the recent installments of different on files that you have to download for the setup. You can receive all the installation that is straight forward. Click on the next file while manage the default values to continue the installation or choose the browser of choice to just hit is the open web server.

Navigate the Wamp server

Navigate the Wamp server

If You Want to set up the web hosting server or you want to change the page is displayed by the webserver you have to go on that directory. The director is automatically created during the installation. You also get the option of creating the subdirectories in the Wamp server. All the things come in the Handy option to store the PHP files or HTML.

Create page

There is also a need to create the page you have to test the webserver. You can use the development of the program like Notepad to develop the HTML page. You can go to save as a whore gives the name or add the extension. Now you have to find the destination of saved file or click on the refresh to update all the changes. Now all the data will be updated in the directory. There is needed to go on the web page where you find all the details of PHP installation.

Set the server

At this stage, you can check the web hosting server or windows or the website is easily accessible to the computer in which you install the server application. This can be a great way to use the web server for testing practices or development.

dedicated server hosting Australia

Tips that Help to Find the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

At present, lots of small and large businesses are faced with a wide range of options for hosting their website, mail server and web application. Where a single server’s resources are shared with lots of websites then one of the best options to choose is shared hosting.

A dedicated server offers a large number of benefits from control, reliability, security, spot, and customization that make it a reliable and leading option for you. Whenever you are upgrading the dedicated server, it is important for you to know that all dedicated servers are not the same and it is also best to remember that not all the website hosting solutions offered by the service providers are operating on the dedicated servers. It is difficult for you to check out the key features of the server personally, you need to take help of the service provider who has proper knowledge about the latest technology. Here are some tips for you that can help you in selecting the best dedicated server:

Choice of operating system

Choice of operating system

While deciding one best dedicated hosting solution one of the most difficult things is to select an operating system as per your own needs and choices. The applications operating for the businesses have to be specifically defined for the operating system like Linux distribution or Windows Server OS. Under certain business conditions, the software running needs to have compatibility with the existing operating system version. It is very important for you to be careful while choosing the right service provider that has the proper knowledge to enable your dedicated server to operate on the OS according to your business needs and requirements.

Server configuration system

There are lots of other features that you need to consider such as the ability to have control of the system via the server that is one of the most important things. It is also essential for you to look for the resource usage prediction feature that makes sure that he needs and requirements are met well within the proper time. It can provide you the best possible help to access to the server configuration system.

Hardware choice

As you know, the dedicated server is expensive and it makes very important for you to for the hosting provider who offers plenty of options to you to select the perfect hardware suitable for your business. Apart from this, you can also ask for the hardware to set up in a particular way that enhances the performance capabilities without paying extra for the end users.

Stable security features

Stable security features

Your business or organization is vulnerable during the downtime once the server systems all over the IT business operation are set offline. In the case of mitigating and the data breach, the risk of misfiling of financial data and information can lead to damage to the business. So, it is very important for you to be careful while choosing the dedicated server hosting Australia. It is very important for you to make proper research and make sure to find out the best dedicated hosting service provider who helps you to increase the profit of your business and also helps you to take your business on high growth.

A reliable dedicated hosting server provider has complete knowledge of modern tools and equipment to resolve all your issues and make sure to provide you best facility. A better dedicated server and hosting offer better performance along with the huge data storage solutions so that you lead more profit. There are lots of options available for you and you have to choose the best dedicated server hosting Australia in an effective manner.

What the difference between device and gadget

What is the Difference Between Device and Gadget?

The present era is full of innovative machines, gadgets, and devices which make everything easy for worldwide people. For doing a particular task, you can make use of these mentioned things. In the same case, gadgets and devices can be a similar thing for many people but they are not so. People can get confused when it comes to checking out the differences between the gadget and devices. In easy words, there are some differences between devices and gadgets that you have to know. For the same purpose, you can go through the following paragraph right now without asking anyone else.

When you pay attention to these two words, most of the time, their meaning can be the same but on several factors; they are different from each other. Some people strongly believe that gadget is a synonym of the device which can be used for Smartphones and other portable items. In the same case, devices can be termed as the things which are made for particular uses. In comparison to the devices, the gadgets will always have a very clever and smart design.

Introduction to the gadget and device

Introduction to the gadget and device

In the starting, you need to know that gadget is a small piece of equipment that does something useful and it will always have a very clever design. On the other hand, a device can be termed as a part of the equipment that does a particular job and it can be operated by electrical power or by hands. Now, you have to collect other basic information about both Gadgets and devices.

Specialties of Gadgets

Specialties of Gadgets

What is the difference between device and gadget? This can be still a very important question and that’s why you have to be familiar with the specialties of gadgets. As mentioned earlier, the gadget is a small piece of equipment which can be used for a specific purpose. Let’s check what other things important whenever you make use of the word gadget:

 Use of Gadget word- Initially, you need to know that gadget is a special word that describes electronically, multi-tools, mobile phones like things.
 Forms of gadgets- In addition, tools like translators, currency converters, and calculators can be the general form of gadgets.
 The smartphones and tablets can be included in the category of gadgets
 Therefore, the gadget can be a portable electronic machine.
 It can be in the form of applications or tools that can increase your experience on a computer or mobile device.

These are some of the most important specialties of the gadgets about which human need to know. From here, it might be easy for you to understand how gadgets are different from the devices.

Specialties of devices

Specialties of devices

Now, you have successfully collected details about gadgets. This is why you will have to know What the difference between device and gadget by checking out some crucial details regarding the devices and their specialties:

 In comparison to the gadgets, a device is a big tool or it can be called an instrument.
 The devices can be fancifully designed
 An electronic machine which is designed for particular purposes can be termed as the devices
 Sometimes, the device can be used for the technology or music items
 Devices may be used in the worldwide organizations and companies

If you want to know the specialties of devices these are the special things that can characterize the device successfully. With a bit of luck, you may have collected the details about the differences between Gadgets and devices. From here, it will be easy for you to determine how Gadgets and devices are different from each other.

click track software

Why Did I Get Redirected To A Click Tracking Thing?

If you will try to accept the truth, the internet has provided a lot of convenience and flexibility to accomplish some complex works.  When you browse the internet, a lot more advertisement links appear on the different websites that you will open, but click track software is best one. Unwillingly, when you click on any given advertisement link, it is going to redirect you to a new web page. For many internet users, this can become a very stressful experience. In most of the cases, such types of advertisement links are used for marketing and promotion purposes.  With the help of the following paragraphs with, you can know why you get redirect to a click tracking thing.

What causes the website redirects?

What causes the website redirects

In the same concept, it becomes necessary for you to know what causes the website redirects that you face while browsing the internet. It does not matter what ideas you will bring out for overcoming the mentioned problems, but you will have to be highly familiar with the causes of website redirects. Let’s take a glimpse at the top reasons behind website redirects:


At the very first moment, you need to keep in mind that Adware is the first reason due to which you have to deal with the website redirects. Adware can become a very critical reason which restricts flawless browsing experience and put some ads in front of you.

Redirection malware

The next big reason due to which you have to deal with the website redirects is the redirection malware. Among the top reasons behind website redirects, redirection malware is a very crucial reason. To know more about it, you can go through some other similar online portals without having any kind of doubt there in your mind.

Different Malware present on the systems

Different Malware present on the systems

Regardless of the mentioned reasons behind website redirects, you need to know that other difference Malware software and programs can cause you website redirects. You can make better use of the internet for collecting more information about the same concept.

Objectives of website redirects 

When you have collected information about the website redirect, it is also important for you to know what the objective of website redirects is. Let's take a quick look at the top of the teams of website redirects:

For various types of advertising- for accomplishing various types of advertising, the website redirects can be used by the professionals.

Online promotion-online promotion is yet another important objective of website redirects.

Stop getting redirected easily

In the end, if you want to stop getting redirected through the websites, you can work on the following idea:

Adjust the advanced settings

As a user, you just need to adjust the advance the settings of your browser. By doing so, you will adjust the settings and you will not get redirected after clicking on a link.

Adjust the advanced settings

Now, you may have understood the entire concept of clicking on a website and water website redirects really mean to the users as well as the professionals. You can take your time here and have the rest of the benefits.

Web Design

How Can You Get a Clean Web Design?

In the technological era, a simple and elegant looking website has great importance for every business to make effective growth and survive in the growing competition with effective visual representation. Having a website is important for every business but it is also crucial for businessmen to eliminate the web waste from your website to make it neat and clean.

Clean Web Design

Here are some important points that help you to make your website design clean:

Focus on the essentials

While designing a website, make sure to keep your focus on the essential things and keep them short to the point and limit the numbers of menu items and visual elements. It helps you to make your website look effective and attractive that helps to attract more customers toward your website.

Design every page as the landing page

If you are continuously product good content then lots of visitors will directly visit your site on the inner page and they will never look at your home page. So, it is also important for you to make all pages as the landing page where they can get all the information that they want with an easy and convenient way.

Follow the trend

People always look for a clean, simple and good looking website where they can easily found the information they want. Due to the increasing competition in the market, it becomes essential for you to follow the trend so that you can convey customers to buy your products and services.

If you want to grow your brand name in this competitive market then it is effectual for you to focus on a clean webdesign. Without clear or simple design, you will not be able to attract or convey your customers to get the thing that they want and it has a great impact on your business growth.

In addition to this, your site needs to relax so that people can explore it without any hassle and in a smooth manner that makes them feel happy and satisfied with your services. If you want to make your brand image in the market then you need to take some time to find a clean webdesign for your website that helps you to attract and satisfy customers.

If you are not able to make any changes in your website on your own then it is beneficial for you to take help of a professional who has complete knowledge about this work and makes sure to provide you a simple, clean and good looking website in an effective manner. Lots of professionals are available in the market these days that assure to provide you affordable services and make your website look clean and effective in the best possible manner. If there is any mess or issues in your website then it is also beneficial for you to take help of a professional who can provide you best possible solutions that help to get rid of any kind of issues and the problem with your website.

how to track a link

Tips to Track the Link

​The links is the best two way of making promotion of your business and still you can get rid out from all the troubles of door to door promotion value once working on such things like you can choose the links which would help you to get rid out from all the troubles and really you can track all the movement of your business easily. Literally it would help you to track the link instantly and you can better understand after reading all these tips.

Tips to Track the Link

​Whenever you want to track the link then you can pay attention to these mentioned below facts and seriously it would help you to get rid out from all the troubles and you can work on the tracking process of your link and Seriously you don’t need to do lot of efforts because you can track over all links is in which use and rate and truly it would help you to check out how much clicks you get on the link and really it would help you how much traffic would love your opinions what you show them and indeed you can check out all the things about your business.

​Enter the link

Enter the link

​There is need to pay attention on a lot of things and if you want to know how to track a link then you need to first of all enter the link. Seriously it would help you to get rid out from all the troubles and there is need to enter in the link which would help you to fix all the issues and don’t need to be worried because you can track all the process soon and really you need to first of all perfectly access to the link in which you want and if you are entered on there then you could be accessed it perfectly without facing so much trouble.

​Add parameters which you want to track

​One more thing you need to do whenever you want to work on how to track a link and seriously this could be possible when everyone’s add some parameters which you want to track and rarely if you want to get desired goals for your business then you don’t need to be worried because you can get all achievements soon and this could be possible when everyone’s attention on such parameters and really if you are checking out all the parameters then you can fix all the issues and seriously it would help you to track all the processes soon.

​Click on copy and paste the URL

​Click on copy and paste the URL

​The last but not least factor would help you to get rid out from all the troubles and seriously if you want to track the link then you need to one’s attention on these things and first of all there is need to copy the link and paste the URL on that place from where you want to track it and really whenever you once put the URL in blank column then you could be tracked it perfectly without facing so much troubles.