Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding- Things You Need to Know

Best Nail Gun for Hardie Siding

Hardie siding has become trendy across the USA, and the figure shows that more than 8 million homes are made from Hardie siding in the United States. Hardie siding is one of the secure materials to use for the buildings.

The major items of Hardie siding are wood fibers and cement. You need to push metal nails to fix the Hardie siding, but you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. We will guide you about what type of gun is best for Hardie siding.

Why is Hardie Siding better than other materials?

Why is Hardie Siding better than other materials

Hardie Siding is becoming trendy due to many reasons, such as it is extremely resilient. Its basic material, wood fibers, and cement provide excellent features. Hardie siding is waterproof, resistant to bugs, fire-proof, and offers greater resistance against weather changes. 

The most convincing thing is that Hardie siding has an average life of more than fifty years, and it also gives you options to make several designs that provide a very charming and beautiful look to your house.

Why is nailing necessary for Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding connects in the shape of patches, and for connecting these patches, you need strong nails. Previously it does with a hammer which was a ridiculous job. But modern nail guns have solved that problem and make it pretty easy; you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding and then set for work.

What is the best gun for Hardie Siding?

What is the best gun for Hardie Siding

You know well that the performance of your work is closely connected with the performance of your tool.

If you have a good tool, it will make your project easy to complete with accuracy and perfection, but a wrong tool will increase your burden and waste your precious time.

You may find many nail guns for Hardie siding, but what the best nail gun for Hardie siding is, depends on your choice after considering certain features. Below we will guide you with some features that will help you choose the best nail gun for the Hardie siding project.

Power and Speed

Hardie Siding installation is a challenging task, the surface is harder, and you need a gun that comes with the best power provider and gives maximum speed to complete your work perfectly and fast.

Only the best power and speed nail gun can make you achieve your Hardie siding project with accuracy and a professional outlook.

So before choosing the gun, make sure you have decided on the right nail gun that provides enough power and speed for pushing the nails in the Hardie siding surface with fewer efforts.

Size of the Gun

You will see many nail guns for Hardie siding that come in a variety of sizes. But what is the better size for you? It depends on your Hardie surface specification and you.

You should choose such a powerful gun that requires your Hardie siding, and you also carry it with ease.

If you get the bigger gun, it will tire you early, and your interest will also lose in your project. So try to get the right gun that makes you comfortable to work.

Time Saving

Time is your money, so always try to get the nail gun that works efficiently and can work for a longer time and quicker to save your time.

For that purpose, it is better to choose a nail gun that is friendly to use, and you can easily operate the nail gun without facing any trouble.


Never compromise of quality of Nail gun for the Hardie siding project. Your Hardie siding project is a costly project that leaves for years and generations, so does that work with interest and enthusiasm.

You can save your money by compromising on brand quality while choosing simple home projects, but when it comes to picking the nail gun for Hardie siding, you should be more vigilant.

Always try to get the best one for that project to ensure the best quality Hardie siding experience. It will also make your work simpler and will save your work.

Only a quality nail gun will make you complete your project professionally but with fewer skills and efforts.

Easy nails management

Nailing is a simple task, but it becomes painful when you face problems loading the nails and removing the jammed staples. Loading nails is a must, but jammed nails also occur frequently, especially when you did not load the nails properly in the magazine.

So always try to get the nail gun that comes with an easy process of loading the nails, and if the nail jammed in the magazine, it would also be easy to remove the pins from the magazine. It will save your time and efforts.


The magazine is one of the essential parts of nail guns; when you choose the nail gun for the Hardie siding, you should choose the best magazine-equipped nail gun.

There are two popular magazines design available in nail guns. The straight magazine and the coiled magazine are both designed for different purposes.

The straight magazine is suitable for small projects; it carries fewer nails, making it easy to load and remove. But the coil magazine comes with extra space for nails, and you can load many staples at a time, which makes it suitable for professional projects. So for the Hardie siding projects, a coiled magazine containing nail guns is better to choose.

Safe Firing Mechanism

Your safety is important, so always try to get the nail gun that comes with a secure firing system. The Firing Mechanism is also important with the performance of the nail gun.

You have choices to choose the contact firing mechanism or single sequential mechanism. But Single sequential mechanism is safer and also quicker to complete your projects.

Final Thoughts

Hardie siding is the best option in materials to choose for safe and beautiful houses. It is becoming trendy, but you also need nailing for Hardie siding projects.

For perfect Hardie Siding projects, you need the best nail gun for Hardie siding. You can choose the best one by following the above guidelines.

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Newly constructed (tract) homes have distinct advantages over used homes. I have owned and sold both and without a doubt, I prefer new. Here are just some of the benefits my clients and I have enjoyed; I hope you find them useful, click here.

1. For less than a custom home would cost, you can semi-customize a new construction home. While your home is being built, you can add features you want and need without having to settle for what the previous owner selected.

2. New homes save you money on utilities, since they have the latest in energy efficiency standards. Among the energy features, new homes have dual pane windows and better insulation. If allowed I recommend insulation between the floors of a two story home, to cut down on the noise factor.

New Construction Home

3. The latest Building codes, which vary state by state, contribute to giving you a quality home. In California after the Northridge earthquake of 1997, building codes were improved. The shear wall standard was modified to make the homes less rigid during a quake, thereby helping reduce the damage in future earthquakes.

4. New homes tend to have the latest in technological advances in wiring and lighting. There will be a greater number of standard phone jacks and outlets. If you feel you still need more, or have an unusual place for one, you can have it installed before the home is finished, just as you would a custom home..

5. If you choose to keep the standard carpet for a number of years, I recommend upgrading the pad. This will make the carpet more comfortable and last longer.

6. One way you can save money while semi- customizing your home, is to add upgraded fixtures after the close of escrow. For example if you really want exquisite bath fixtures, compare the Builders price with an outside price. Again, it is a matter of being handy or having friends and being OK with spending the time and energy to save some money.

7. Please remember, if you buy any upgrades through the Builder and put them into a loan, you will be paying interest on those upgrades for as long as you have the loan. The added expense will raise your recorded sales price, which will affect the amount of property taxes you pay. Sometimes it is worth it, I just want you to be aware of this.

8. Always negotiate. Don’t insult the Builder, but ask for a little more than you expect to receive. Be prepared to negotiate the difference, but it is possible you may get what you want. My motto is ” if you don’t ask, you don’t receive”. Write that down on a card and keep it with you if you are shy, and read it before you talk to the Sales Agent. Another way to put it, is what I have always told my girls “if you don’t ask, it’s an automatic “NO”.

9. Remember almost all Builders have mark ups on their upgrades. They pay wholesale or less and charge you retail or higher. When negotiating, if you ask for upgrades instead of asking the Builder to lower the sales price, he is usually more willing. You can also play this by knowing there is a mark up, and knowing that most of the time the Builder’s cost was a lot less than he is charging..You could have the Builder give you some of those upgraded features you want as part of the purchase of the home. Just ask.

10. If you are purchasing after there have been some move-ins in the community, you should knock on a few doors and talk to the buyers and ask them how they like the Builder. If they are happy or unhappy, they are usually eager to tell you, but be sure you ask more than one homeowner.

No one can deny the emotional excitement most people have in being the first to live in a home. There is nothing quite like being the first to use the cabinets and appliances or have a bubble bath in a new tub surrounded by candles.

I always smile when I think of one client whose main advantage to purchasing a new home was the assurance it would not be haunted, since there were no previous owners. There are many more reasons; perhaps you will find your own. I wish you the best.

This is part of a series on Home Buying and Selling. Also see…”Beginning Steps to Purchasing a Home” and “Advantages of Buying a Model Home” both by Christin Kuper

Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Clorox Kitchen Cleanup

Seldom do I get excited about a cleaning product. However, as my friends know, I am as lazy as one can get. However, I can’t stand dirt. Terrible combination, right? And, I don’t have much spare time during the day to pick up every tiny piece of lint or clean up every tiny smudge or spill. I work full time and even though it’s at home, I don’t want to take the time to clean up every time I spot a problem.

However – that was last month. Once I found Clorox Kitchen Cleanup I realized I now have time to clean up the tiny spills and spots that my menagerie of kitties cause on a regular basis, read more from here.

Kitchen Cleanup

As opposed to a few weeks before, I would see dirt, choose an appropriate product from under my kitchen sink, run to clean up, and then replace the product. I would do this multiple times during the day.

With this new Clorox spray bottle, I now clean everything in my house with the same product! Kitchen spills, bathroom tubs, showers, paw prints on doors, inside the fridge, the top of my range, oven hoods, and everywhere else!

This not only smells like bleach – which equals “clean” in my book – it cleans better. Keeping in mind that bleach doesn’t really clean, it only kills germs, this product does both. Quickly and effectively.

I have cleaned up after kitty accidents, coffee spills, and muddy paw prints on the floor. It not only takes up all the dirt, it doesn’t harm granite, tile, stainless steel or paint and wallpaper. I needed to clean up some spaghetti sauce from my kitchen wall (don’t ask…) and it came off quickly without leaving any residue behind. Even my “magic sponges” can’t do this type of work!

I then decided to try it on my white Jacuzzi. My cats think this Jacuzzi is their personal play area. Even though I rarely use it myself, I need to clean it about three times a week because it is covered in paw prints and kitty fur. With this Clorox clean up spray, all the marks disappear quickly, no need to scrub, and I still have that lingering “bleachy” smell for hours later.

When my mop can’t completely take up the dirt from my white Mexican tile floor, I spray some of this Clorox Cleanup and – it’s gone. No special sponges, no elbow grease. No matter what is on the floor, it gets cleaned up without a fight.

I no longer have multiple products under my sink. I threw them out. I now use only Clorox Kitchen Cleanup all over the house and the results are better than any product I used before. I keep one in each room!

This far outperforms any Lysol spray or even other competing Clorox products. Even though it’s not supposed to be used on carpeting, I sprayed an area where a bloody paw print had appeared on a pale beige rug…and it disappeared completely with no damage to the fibers.

Most dollar stores have the average size container for about $4.00. I’d pay double if I had to!

What is the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing?

What is the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing

Frameless glasses replace the framed glasses in balconies and staircases and give a stunning look and excellent security to you and your family.

Railing glasses are used for many years, but a modern concept is frameless glass railing. Its installation is quite simple and gives a better look than the framed glasses railing. 

While there are no frames in the frameless glass railing, there is a need to make a proper installation. What is more important in the installation is the size of the glasses, read more from here

Due to no support, you need to cut the proper length glasses that ensure good performance in the future. How would you decide what should be the length of glasses? No need to worry; we will guide you about that in our article on what is the maximum length of glass for frameless glass railing?

What Should be the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing?

What Should be the Maximum Length of Glass for Frameless Glass Railing

There are different recommended lengths of glasses for different areas. It depends on the needs of the place where you are installing the frameless glasses.

You can install the glass rails in your balconies, walls, and around the pool, etc. It depends on the area; different lengths are recommended for other areas.

What Glass Length Required for the Balcony?

When you install the frameless glass rail on your balcony, use a recommended length of glass not more than 70 mm. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial and chances to become loose.

What Glass Length Required for Walls?

When you need to install a frameless glass rail between two walls, then do not take more than 3.3 meters of glass cuttings for the rail; there is no support, so more than 3.3 meters of glass cutting will be difficult to fix.

Never go with more because due to the glass’s weight, it becomes difficult to maintain its balance and damage bad weather and storms.

What Glass Length Required for Pool Fencing?

Now it is a trend to use frameless glass rails for pool fencing. A glass railing for the pool fencing is a good experience and gives more strength to the pool than a simple wall.

The glass used in these glass railings have a thickness of more than 12 mm that is enough and makes it hard than a metal.

But when you are cutting the glass for the frameless railings, you can cut a maximum of 1200 mm pieces for the pool fencing.

A recommendation is from 900 mm to 1200 mm glass cutting is better for pool fencing. Never go with more than 1200mm if you want better fencing for your pool.

Final Thoughts:

What Glass Length Required for Pool Fencing

Frameless glass rails are becoming trendy worldwide because they look more beautiful than framed glasses due to no frame support.

The essential thing in frameless glass rails is the glass length. When you do not support the glass rails, then size is the way that helps it to make it firm.

Have we provided you with some details in our article on the maximum length of glass for frameless glass railing?

How to Install Garage Door Slide Lock

How to Install Garage Door Slide Lock

Garage door slide lock is also known as a latch, side lock, and side bolt. Do you know the way to install a garage door slide lock or side bolt? If you are an owner of a house, you may have a garage door slide lock.

So it is necessary to learn the process to install a garage door slide lock. Today, I’ll try to discuss the ways that help you to install a garage door slide lock. Stay tuned.

How to install garage door slide lock:

How to install garage door slide lock

Required equipment to install a garage door slide lock

If you want to do this job carefully, you need some equipment:

• Latch with 2.5 inches basic bolt
• Drill Screws for steel doors
• Slack Screws for lumber doors
• Effect Wrench
• Screw Driver

Steps to install garage door slide lock

Steps to install garage door slide lock

The garage door repair ST Paul locks are known as turned locks. These locks are a savvy approach to make sure about your overhead entryway if your entryway is opened physically without the utilization of a carport entryway opener.
These locks are easy to install if you have collected the required equipment. Again, you need to follow the below steps carefully.

Step 1

The slide lock ought to be introduced on the second segment from the base. However, it is an important term to remember. Again, the entryway maker will give a little rectangular slug layout in the vertical track. So carefully check it whether it is okay or not! I will suggest you keep that out so the hook on your lock will experience the track.

Step 2

Adjust the slide lock with the screws and tighten them carefully. Well, now introduce 2 penetrating hex screws. You need to make an option to provide pilot holes. But remember in mind that it is risky to fix the drilling screws more tightly. Additionally, this may strip out the clasp string.

Step 3

Find the rectangular space in the longitudinal portion of the entryway that remains into carport. This opening is typically situated beside the subsequent entryway segment near the ground.

Step 4

Find the screw openings on the carport entryway’s subsequent area legitimately to one side. Yes, you need to find the space carefully. So you have to do this job accurately.

Step 5

Force the provided metal screws. Now, counsel the lock’s guidelines for explicit latch types. Before installing new lock, remove the older one. It is the fundamental basic of this job.

Step 6

Fix the screws carefully so that you can get a long lasting service. The screws will make the lock more strong and durable. Again, use the screwdriver.

There you’ve the step by step process on how you can successfully install the garage door lock.

Tips for installing

• Change the lock from the right side to the left
• Find the screw openings on the carport entryway’s subsequent area legitimately to one side of the track’s rectangular space.
• Unplug Opener Cord carefully.
• Supplant the toss springs on the contrary segment from a unique position.

How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener?

How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener

You have a big door for your garage, and it takes too much force to open the door every morning. Sometimes the door also gets jam, and you cannot open it alone, especially the women.

It is a better solution to shift your big garage door from a manual opening system to an automatic remote opener system. With a button push, you can open and close the door without touching your door.

It not just provides you ease but also it is more secure than a manual lock. No one can get access to the garage if, do not have the remote for opening the door.

But you need a battery for powering your garage door opener; the battery needs replacement after some time. You need a proper replacement of the battery of the garage door opener.

How long does it take to replace the garage door opener battery?

How long does it take to replace the garage door opener battery

It varies from battery to battery according to their quality and use, but the average time for replacing a garage door opener battery is a maximum of 2 years.

What kind of batteries is used in the garage door opener?

Many new and modern kinds of batteries are available in the market, but lithium-based batteries perform well in the Atlanta garage door experts.

What is the average cost of a garage door opener battery?

There you will also find variations according to quality, features, and size of the battery.

But an average cost for the replacement of the garage door opener is 200 dollars to 250 dollars.

Can I replace the garage door opener battery?

Yes, of course, you can also replace the garage door opener battery and save your money up to twenty to thirty dollars that you will pay to a service provider to replace the battery.

How do I know the garage door opener battery needs replacement?

How can I change the garage door opener battery

When you push the button, it does not get signals and make a problem while open the gate. There you will also listen to some beep or blinking light.

How can I change the garage door opener battery?

It is quite simple to replace a garage door opener battery by yourself, just follow the below steps and replace it.
What are the steps?

• Start with unplugging the opener of the garage door. Now open the light lens of the door; you will find the battery under that light lens.
• Now take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws on the battery compartment and remove it.
• Now pull out batter little up and disconnect the battery wires, there you will see red and black wires. After disconnecting both wires pull out the battery.
• Now place the new battery and connect both wires with the terminals and screw the compartment with the screwdriver.
• Next to that, place the light lens on the battery and plug-in the door opener.

Final Thoughts:

Garage door openers provide us easy access to our garage and also better security than manual locks.

We need a battery inside the garage door opener for powering the garage door opener. With time and use, it needs to replace; you can easily replace the battery yourself.

How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Lock?

How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Lock

You know well about the sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are popular and used in offices, hotel rooms, and other commercial places.

They make it possible for us to view another side clearly and get access to the upper balconies and many other uses.

But with time, they also need some kind of repair and maintenance services. The more occurring problem in their maintenance is lock maintenance.

People no doubt feel irritated and hire some locksmith services to remove that problem. But now you will not need to hire any locksmith in the future.

Just read this below article and know how to repair sliding glass door lock and repair locks yourself.

How to repair sliding glass door lock?

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Check the lock if there are some simple problems due to debris or dust, then make it resolve with oil or some lubricants. If there is no heal with lubricants, it is better to replace the lock by following the below methods.
It is a minor problem that the sliding glass door lock becomes faulty. You can find any local services provider to remove this problem, but you will need to pay some money for that.

But you can save money and can repair your sliding door lock by following these simple steps. It is quite simple, and you will not consume more than ten minutes, even for the first time.

• First of all, you would need to remove the older problematic lock from the door. You can remove it by screwing it anti-clockwise.
• Once you have removed the older lock, takes it to the local store and ask him to provide you the same lock-in replacement of the older one. The same lock will make things easy for you during adjustments.
• Now unpack the new lock and find some instructions for installation is provided in the packaging. There may be some variations found in the lock, but each kind’s basic features are the same.
• Now for fixing the new lock, check it with its adjustment hole in the door. When you find everything ok, then fit its cylinder in the frame.
• For a cylinder, fixation inserts the key in the lock and turns it in a half position to open and keep it in the same position until its fixation.
• Now fit the other exterior parts of the lock in the same way you remove the older lock parts.
• Now place the handle over the lock and screw it until it becomes fixing. Make sure everything has been tightening, and there is no loose apart from any side. Check the lock from outside and inside.
• Once you have fixed, check them by locking and unlocking. Are you satisfied with the operations? You have done it well.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Glass sliding doors are very beneficial and useful in our buildings, but they need some repairing services with time. For example, its lock becomes faulty.

We have provided you with some simple ways that will help you to resolve the faults with ease. We hope our article on how to repair the sliding glass door lock was helpful for you.

How to Rekey an Old Lock?

How to Rekey an Old Lock

Have you known what meaning of rekeying the locks is? Most people have the concept that when you get the replacement or duplicate keys, the same is the meaning of rekeying locks.

But it is different rekey means you are making changes with your locks and make them lock or unlock with different keys. Your old keys that are working with your locks will become useless after rekey your locks.

There can be many reasons behind the rekey of the locks, maybe your security purpose or ease.

We have collected the information and will share with you how to rekey an old lock in our article. Please go through the article to know more about the rekey of your locks.

What can be reasons to rekey the locks?

What can be reasons to rekey the locks

There are many reasons to rekey the locks that vary from person to person. Sometimes people want to get rid of carrying many keys with them and rekey all the locks, which can open with the same key.

The other reason can be that you may have lost the keys’ duplicate set, so you want to save your money instead of replacing the locks you go with rekey the locks.

How to rekey the locks?

Please arrange the necessary tools that you will need for rekeying your locks. You should have a screwdriver of four inches, tweezers, and needle-nose pliers. Now Please follow our below steps and rekey your locks.

First of all, take the rekeying kit from the store, you will find six sets for six locks in one kit order the kits as per your demand.

Once you have arranged the kit now, go with rekey locks; start by removing a knob of a lock. You should insert the wire tool and pull off the knob of a lock.

After that, now you should remove the cylinder of your lock. You need to push the cylinder from the backside of the lock assembly.

Next to that, you need to remove the retainer ring; for that purpose, a special retainer will be available in your kit. With this retainer, you can pop off the ring in the cylinder of the lock.

Remove the cylinder plug part; it is the central part of the rekeying lock task. Check the top of the cylinder; there, you will find pins ad springs. You need to remove them, use an old key, and move it left or on the right side.

Now take the plug supplier and help remove the older lock’s plug, but here you need to maintain equal pressure until you have entirely remove and insert a new cylinder plug.

In the last step, insert the pins and reassemble all parts of the lock. Your lock has been rekeyed. Try this with all locks and rekey them.

Final Thoughts:

For better security or ease your task, it is better to rekey all the locks with the same key.

We have shared the necessary information and steps to rekey locks in our article on how to rekey an old lock.

How to Reverse a Door Knob Lock?

How to Reverse a Door Knob Lock

Door knob lock reversing is a simple process which takes just a few minutes. By turning the couple screws, the door knob can reverse easily. Suddenly child or pets lock this knob of any room. At that time, the lock required to reverse for opening the door. Some different types of door knobs are fixed in all rooms. Here we can follow the upcoming steps to reverse the door knob lock. In every home, the door is the entry point which allows everyone to come inside and outside.

This is the way of easy access in all rooms in the home. If the interior room door locks, then you will need to reverse the door knob lock which is used to open it. Initially find the door where it is located. Then you can release the knob from the lock. Even small paper clips are used to release the door lock in an emergency. Then appropriately sized screws drivers are used to reverse the lock. Once you loosen the lockset with the help of mounting screwdrivers, then you can simply reverse the bolts by turning appropriately.

What is the general process to reverse the door knob?

Most door knobs in every room have the thumb locking system. It is simple to operate and where can be required only to twist to open the door. Even it can lock by kids for safety. If it is locked by the child, then you will need to open by the following method. At first, the screws driver accesses together by holding. This is placed in between the small hole and which is behind the plate. By using the small thread that means the flat thread screwdriver helps to release this handle which is already into the slot.

Then pull the handle off and slide off the plate which is exposed the screws. Evenly hold the opposite side with your opposite hand. Next, hold the knob together and slide it from the latch. If the single appears to catch on the latch, then you will insert the spindle in the opposite side of the door. Then confirm once again whether the door spindle is inserted through the latch. If you want to make sure that the knob removed by you, then line up the screws holes in that side. After that, insert the screws through the holes in the door. And then hold it against the opposite side, where you can thorn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Make sure further the knob is securely placed together.

Finally, replace the plate again which was removed previously. Then push the handle once again on to the door knobs. It is a strange thing that happens in the house. Anyway this door knob locked by an outside stranger, then you can follow the above mentioned to secure from another kind of damages indoors. Everything apart it just takes five more minutes. Everything you need to know basically. Then your home doors get fixed by this locking problem. The door knob reversing technique will guide you to do this job perfectly.

How to Fix a Door Lock That is Jammed

How to Fix a Door Lock That is Jammed

A good lock of the door is only counted when it can keep the burglars out, not the owner of the house. On the other hand, the devices jam-packed with grease, broken keys, rust, and misalignment in it may result in the jamming of the locks of the door. Contingent to the reason, you can fix a jam of the door lock in just a couple of minutes and with the help of the common household items that can be easily found in the house, investigate this site. If in case none of the listed steps work in fixing the jam, then you will be needed to call a locksmith, or it may also cause in replacing the jammed door lock lastingly.

Fix a Door Lock
  1. You first need to coat the key to your door with the graphite which is in the powdered form or you can even use the spray graphite to coat into the keyhole. This will help you in lubricating and may also result in the unjamming of the tumblers in the lock that has been blocked by the debris in a sequence over time.
  2. You can also make use of a key extractor that you can buy from any website which is based on the selling of the locksmithing tools. The key extractor will assist you in repairing a lock jammed which has been done due to a broken key. You have to simply spray lubricant which you generally use into the keyhole and then insert the pointed end of the extractor so that the teeth of the extractor and the teeth of the stuck key will face each other. Then after that, you must softly interchange the extractor up and down until you feel that it has hooked the key. Finally, tug the extractor away in a sudden manner from the lock so that you can remove the key.
  3. Then you have to soak the lock of your door in the kerosene for at least 24 hours if in case it is not involved with the door and has been corroded closed.
  4. The next step is the removal of the cover or faceplate of your mortise lock system or even the surface-mounted rim lock so that it becomes easier for you to repair it. You can remove the cover of your door lock by simply removing it from the door and this will be resulting in the exposure of the cylinder. Then after that, you have to turn the screw of the cylinder in the clockwise direction so that it becomes tight. This will assist you in realigning the cylinder when the frame of your door has settled or changed, resulting in the operation of a proper lock.
  5. In case if your lock has been jammed and is not getting repaired then the last option that remains is that you must broaden the slot on the inner of the strike plate.