How to Fix a Door Lock That is Jammed

A good lock of the door is only counted when it can keep the burglars out, not the owner of the house. On the other hand, the devices jam-packed with grease, broken keys, rust, and misalignment in it may result in the jamming of the locks of the door. Contingent to the reason, you can fix a jam of the door lock in just a couple of minutes and with the help of the common household items that can be easily found in the house, investigate this site. If in case none of the listed steps work in fixing the jam, then you will be needed to call a locksmith, or it may also cause in replacing the jammed door lock lastingly.

Fix a Door Lock
  1. You first need to coat the key to your door with the graphite which is in the powdered form or you can even use the spray graphite to coat into the keyhole. This will help you in lubricating and may also result in the unjamming of the tumblers in the lock that has been blocked by the debris in a sequence over time.
  2. You can also make use of a key extractor that you can buy from any website which is based on the selling of the locksmithing tools. The key extractor will assist you in repairing a lock jammed which has been done due to a broken key. You have to simply spray lubricant which you generally use into the keyhole and then insert the pointed end of the extractor so that the teeth of the extractor and the teeth of the stuck key will face each other. Then after that, you must softly interchange the extractor up and down until you feel that it has hooked the key. Finally, tug the extractor away in a sudden manner from the lock so that you can remove the key.
  3. Then you have to soak the lock of your door in the kerosene for at least 24 hours if in case it is not involved with the door and has been corroded closed.
  4. The next step is the removal of the cover or faceplate of your mortise lock system or even the surface-mounted rim lock so that it becomes easier for you to repair it. You can remove the cover of your door lock by simply removing it from the door and this will be resulting in the exposure of the cylinder. Then after that, you have to turn the screw of the cylinder in the clockwise direction so that it becomes tight. This will assist you in realigning the cylinder when the frame of your door has settled or changed, resulting in the operation of a proper lock.
  5. In case if your lock has been jammed and is not getting repaired then the last option that remains is that you must broaden the slot on the inner of the strike plate.