How to Rekey an Old Lock?

Have you known what meaning of rekeying the locks is? Most people have the concept that when you get the replacement or duplicate keys, the same is the meaning of rekeying locks.

But it is different rekey means you are making changes with your locks and make them lock or unlock with different keys. Your old keys that are working with your locks will become useless after rekey your locks.

There can be many reasons behind the rekey of the locks, maybe your security purpose or ease.

We have collected the information and will share with you how to rekey an old lock in our article. Please go through the article to know more about the rekey of your locks.

What can be reasons to rekey the locks?

What can be reasons to rekey the locks

There are many reasons to rekey the locks that vary from person to person. Sometimes people want to get rid of carrying many keys with them and rekey all the locks, which can open with the same key.

The other reason can be that you may have lost the keys’ duplicate set, so you want to save your money instead of replacing the locks you go with rekey the locks.

How to rekey the locks?

Please arrange the necessary tools that you will need for rekeying your locks. You should have a screwdriver of four inches, tweezers, and needle-nose pliers. Now Please follow our below steps and rekey your locks.

First of all, take the rekeying kit from the store, you will find six sets for six locks in one kit order the kits as per your demand.

Once you have arranged the kit now, go with rekey locks; start by removing a knob of a lock. You should insert the wire tool and pull off the knob of a lock.

After that, now you should remove the cylinder of your lock. You need to push the cylinder from the backside of the lock assembly.

Next to that, you need to remove the retainer ring; for that purpose, a special retainer will be available in your kit. With this retainer, you can pop off the ring in the cylinder of the lock.

Remove the cylinder plug part; it is the central part of the rekeying lock task. Check the top of the cylinder; there, you will find pins ad springs. You need to remove them, use an old key, and move it left or on the right side.

Now take the plug supplier and help remove the older lock’s plug, but here you need to maintain equal pressure until you have entirely remove and insert a new cylinder plug.

In the last step, insert the pins and reassemble all parts of the lock. Your lock has been rekeyed. Try this with all locks and rekey them.

Final Thoughts:

For better security or ease your task, it is better to rekey all the locks with the same key.

We have shared the necessary information and steps to rekey locks in our article on how to rekey an old lock.