How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Lock?

You know well about the sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors are popular and used in offices, hotel rooms, and other commercial places.

They make it possible for us to view another side clearly and get access to the upper balconies and many other uses.

But with time, they also need some kind of repair and maintenance services. The more occurring problem in their maintenance is lock maintenance.

People no doubt feel irritated and hire some locksmith services to remove that problem. But now you will not need to hire any locksmith in the future.

Just read this below article and know how to repair sliding glass door lock and repair locks yourself.

How to repair sliding glass door lock?

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Check the lock if there are some simple problems due to debris or dust, then make it resolve with oil or some lubricants. If there is no heal with lubricants, it is better to replace the lock by following the below methods.
It is a minor problem that the sliding glass door lock becomes faulty. You can find any local services provider to remove this problem, but you will need to pay some money for that.

But you can save money and can repair your sliding door lock by following these simple steps. It is quite simple, and you will not consume more than ten minutes, even for the first time.

• First of all, you would need to remove the older problematic lock from the door. You can remove it by screwing it anti-clockwise.
• Once you have removed the older lock, takes it to the local store and ask him to provide you the same lock-in replacement of the older one. The same lock will make things easy for you during adjustments.
• Now unpack the new lock and find some instructions for installation is provided in the packaging. There may be some variations found in the lock, but each kind’s basic features are the same.
• Now for fixing the new lock, check it with its adjustment hole in the door. When you find everything ok, then fit its cylinder in the frame.
• For a cylinder, fixation inserts the key in the lock and turns it in a half position to open and keep it in the same position until its fixation.
• Now fit the other exterior parts of the lock in the same way you remove the older lock parts.
• Now place the handle over the lock and screw it until it becomes fixing. Make sure everything has been tightening, and there is no loose apart from any side. Check the lock from outside and inside.
• Once you have fixed, check them by locking and unlocking. Are you satisfied with the operations? You have done it well.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Glass sliding doors are very beneficial and useful in our buildings, but they need some repairing services with time. For example, its lock becomes faulty.

We have provided you with some simple ways that will help you to resolve the faults with ease. We hope our article on how to repair the sliding glass door lock was helpful for you.