How to Reverse a Door Knob Lock?

Door knob lock reversing is a simple process which takes just a few minutes. By turning the couple screws, the door knob can reverse easily. Suddenly child or pets lock this knob of any room. At that time, the lock required to reverse for opening the door. Some different types of door knobs are fixed in all rooms. Here we can follow the upcoming steps to reverse the door knob lock. In every home, the door is the entry point which allows everyone to come inside and outside.

This is the way of easy access in all rooms in the home. If the interior room door locks, then you will need to reverse the door knob lock which is used to open it. Initially find the door where it is located. Then you can release the knob from the lock. Even small paper clips are used to release the door lock in an emergency. Then appropriately sized screws drivers are used to reverse the lock. Once you loosen the lockset with the help of mounting screwdrivers, then you can simply reverse the bolts by turning appropriately.

What is the general process to reverse the door knob?

Most door knobs in every room have the thumb locking system. It is simple to operate and where can be required only to twist to open the door. Even it can lock by kids for safety. If it is locked by the child, then you will need to open by the following method. At first, the screws driver accesses together by holding. This is placed in between the small hole and which is behind the plate. By using the small thread that means the flat thread screwdriver helps to release this handle which is already into the slot.

Then pull the handle off and slide off the plate which is exposed the screws. Evenly hold the opposite side with your opposite hand. Next, hold the knob together and slide it from the latch. If the single appears to catch on the latch, then you will insert the spindle in the opposite side of the door. Then confirm once again whether the door spindle is inserted through the latch. If you want to make sure that the knob removed by you, then line up the screws holes in that side. After that, insert the screws through the holes in the door. And then hold it against the opposite side, where you can thorn the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Make sure further the knob is securely placed together.

Finally, replace the plate again which was removed previously. Then push the handle once again on to the door knobs. It is a strange thing that happens in the house. Anyway this door knob locked by an outside stranger, then you can follow the above mentioned to secure from another kind of damages indoors. Everything apart it just takes five more minutes. Everything you need to know basically. Then your home doors get fixed by this locking problem. The door knob reversing technique will guide you to do this job perfectly.