Watch The Masters Golf Live Stream with VPN 2021

Golf has its fans in every part of the world. And when the Masters starts in the United States, people from all over the world want to watch it. But in most of the country, they can not access the stations that broadcast the tournament.

Therefore, they look for alternate options if you are one of those people, then congratulations because you have come to the perfect place for your solution.

The best way to have access is through a VPN. It will pass through all the hindrances and will allow you to watch your favourite sport.

You will find a lot of VPN on the internet. But most of them are scams and probably try to steal your personal information. For that, we have listed the top 3 VPN service providers that are trusted and allow you to enjoy the Masters comfortably.

Top 3 VPN to Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Anywhere

Watch The Masters Golf Live Stream with VPN 2021

The full form of VPN is ‘Virtual Private Network’. It helps you to hide your online identity and protects your privacy from third party sites. With a VPN you can shift your virtual location to any part of the world.

To watch The Masters you need to change your location to the United States. But not all VPNs protect your privacy. Some of them try to sell your private information to other sites. After a well-research, we have listed the following three VPNs that are legitimate and will allow you to watch Masters Golf Live Stream 2021:

1.   Nord VPN

Nord VPN is very popular and trustworthy. It is accessible from everywhere. The reason Nord is so popular is it always provides the services as promised. It also has strong network support and servers around the globe. Using it you will be able to watch The Masters 2021 without any trouble.

You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription plan. Both are quite affordable. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the service you can get your refund anytime you want.

2.   Express VPN

Express VPN is another popular service to watch golf. It works with pretty good efficiency. It also has its servers worldwide, so you can change your location to any country you want.

Their privacy system is also strong and updates regularly.

The good thing about Express VPN is you can try it for free with limited locations. So, you can test their efficiency before you make the purchase decision. And if you like the service, you can subscribe to their premium services. There are plenty of packages to choose from. Select whichever fits your requirements.

3.   Pure VPN

Pure VPN is also a great service provider that lets you watch your favorite sport from any part of the world. It is very well known in the United States. And the user base is increasing in the whole world. This proves that it is indeed trustworthy.

It has a long list of locations. You can choose any of them. Like others, Pure VPN also offers different subscription packages. Purchase the one that suits you.

All of the above-mentioned VPN service providers are great. If you’re using an Android device, then go to playstore to download these apps and for iOs,  go to the Apple store. But if you’re on the desktop, go to their official site and follow the instructions.

Top 3 VPN to Watch Masters Golf Live Stream from Anywhere

Final Thoughts

As golf fans, we never think of missing the Masters Golf Live Stream. And we know, not everyone resides in the US. That’s why we prepared this list for you. It doesn’t matter wherever you live; you will be able to watch the 85th edition of The Masters from there. Hope you enjoy the amazing week of professional golf.